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coding | design

I'm Matthew, a programmer/web designer from Scotland. While my greatest strength is coding, I find it fun to venture into the design side of things every once in a while.

About me

I'm a high school student from Scotland - I'm a programmer in my spare time. When I'm not busy coding, I'll be making short films using After Effects or manipulating photos using Photoshop (that is if I'm not wasting time on reddit...)
Ever since I was young I've had an interest in computers and the way they work. I started programming when I was 8 years old, using QBASIC on the family computer, the first program I wrote simply said "Hello", and now I'm coding in C++, Visual Basic, PHP, HTML, Bash and JavaScript.

My Skills

I am skilled in the following areas:

  1. HTML/CSSI am able to write standards-compliant websites that render well under any modern browser

  2. PHPI can write server-side scripts to make Content Management Systems, website control panels, page visit counters and login systems

  3. Visual BasicI can create programs using VB .NET which can be anything from electronic diary systems to full web-enabled education platforms

  4. Linux Server AdministrationI have 4 Linux servers which I am able to manage from the command line

  5. PhotoshopI can edit photos and create quality backgrounds/logos/other graphics. I can also recolor and restore photos

  6. After EffectsI can use After Effects to create and edit short films, documentaries, title sequences and motion graphics

I have a portfolio of work that I have done previously, including examples of almost all of the above skills.